1. It was during the course of hypnotherapy sessions and gathering information from various books, my conclusion till now about the makeup of the human being is as follows, this is in brief but a lot more can be written, I do not profess it to be complete as there is immense scope for research in this area to add to the thought:
  2. The Total Human comprises of the Causal body + the Astral Body + the Physical body. We need to understand the constituents of each of these bodies and how they get influenced and how they in turn influence the dis-ease states and their healing. (Refer Taittreya Upanishad and Samkhya Philosophy)
  3. My understanding of the constituents of the Total Human can be put as follows: 

Body Name


Causal Body


Free will body


Subconscious mind and its links with Buddhi (the Conscious Mind), and also the supra-conscious mind.

(The above can be grouped under Spiritual body –Anandamaya Kosha)

Astral Body

Within the Astral body we find the following constituents/bodies/ systems:

These subtle bodies are also connected to the conscious mind:

Mental body –Gyanmaya Kosha

Emotional body –Manomaya Kosha

Etheric body-Pranamaya Kosha

The chakra system is a part of the energy/etheric body.

Also within the astral body is a complete ‘energy duplicate or etheric double’ of the physical body.

The etheric double has all energy replicates of all physical systems: immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system (bone-structure system), muscular system, breathing system, digestive system, Urinary system, reproductive system, etc.

It is literally the complete human without the physical body cells and their energy links to the etheric body.

The physical body and it's systems

Links from the etheric body (Pranamaya Kosha)-supplying cosmic energy from the etheric body (Chakra System) to each and every cell of the physical body directly and through the nadis (energy channels).

The physical body, complete as we see it, including all its physical systems with their constituent body parts like glands, organs, muscles, bones, tissues, etc.

  • cardiovascular system,
  • endocrine system,
  • muscular system,
  • nervous system,
  • digestive system,
  • skeletal system,
  • Breathing system,
  • etc.

 Brain as a complete system, independent and with the nervous system.

Special gateways in the mind-brain combo to connect to the supra consciousness.

The brain having an input port(s) for connecting to the thoughts –from the mind of the individual and also under certain circumstances or conditions for receiving the thoughts from other energies, for executing the instruction set received from the mind and the other connected energies, which activate the physical body (resulting in ‘behaviour of an individual).

            We shall refer to above given constituents of a human –the ‘total human’: comprising of Causal body, Astral body and the Physical body.

Some specific portions of the Total Human are defined below for clarity.

Koshas/Subtle bodies

  1. Ancient Indian texts give many descriptions of these bodies, mentioned as ‘Koshas’. They define and mention their roles and purpose with the human body. The Ancient Indian texts define only five Koshas. 
  2. Each Subtle body (Kosha) is an energy system. It has its own purpose, frequency, and interplays with ‘the human’ mind, and influences the activities and behaviour of the ‘human’.
  3. As the physical body of a human is what we see in three dimensions, all of the Koshas are also in three dimensions.
  4. The information is given here for knowing that causes of diseases many a time originate from energy disturbances in the Koshas and the etheric double, so healing is required at that level also. There are processes by which we can access and interact with the Koshas to detect the causes to provide healing.