In the urban world with a lot of independence to both men and women, especially with the ones living away from the parental supervision, a tendency is developing in India, like the western world, to choose friendships with partners of the opposite sex. These could arise in work places or from social acquaintances meeting physically frequently at clubs, parties, etc. or even on the internet.

Over a period of time with continuous meeting and/or interaction, many a time a person tends to look at the other person with affection. If the other person also responds to these feelings (or even feigns response), a bond starts between the two. Depending on their family backgrounds, which gives them their value system to follow or revolt against these value systems, over a period of time they go beyond an emotional attachment and can even experiment or indulge in physical intimacy. They think that nothing can now separate them. People on the internet feel they found the best partner of their life and a lot of written commitments follow in the chat and mail.

Not withstanding that some relations do materialise and are deep. Most of them are shallow from the side of at least one of the partners. There could even be cheating, premeditated to take advantage of the sentiments of the other person. Ultimately a break takes place between the two, as one was maybe passing time, and enjoying the proximity of company or exchange of thought, and never wanted to get involved in a life long commitment/relationship.

And then the break takes place, the one who was taking the relationship seriously (man or woman), gets a jolt, and many times is unable to come out of the situation emotionally. There are lingering feelings of pain, sense of being cheated, disappointment, guilt, loss of face, deep sense of loss, etc.

Sometimes one is able to share with someone and get over it, most of the time the sufferer gets into a loop and depression and is unable to come out of it.

What does one do with the thoughts and feelings left inside? They come up again and again and eat into one. They take ones time and energy. Many times the person wants to live a normal life again, but finds himself/herself unable to do so. In spite of the best counselling by parents and other therapists, they still find themselves locked in their own thoughts and emotions, unable to lead a normal functional life.

This is when if they come to a hypnotherapist, he/she can help them by releasing these locked feelings of deep emotion for the person and/or the feelings of trauma of seperation, freeing them to be functional again, and get back into the main stream of life and living.